Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A productive Christmas break

Over Christmas we closed our shop for three days. We really needed the break! Today we have spent part of the day reorganizing the house. As we are hardly ever home we just don't get alot accomplished so today was the day :-)

The best area that was reorganized was my craft space. The kids and I share the only spare space in this house. The house is at least a third smaller than what we have been used to and we still can't fit everything into it. This room combines storage (in wardrobes that we don't need in this house. They store all our photos and memorabilia that we can't hang on the walls in our rental), the kids playstation and my craft space. The room was a bit of a mish-mash before as it was all unpacked in a rush. The kids couldn't even sit on chairs to play!

So we have set up two separate areas with my craft space getting the best of the natural light. It would be terrible to not take advantage of THREE windows! The best part is that the kids area is closest to the door. They don't have to squeeze past craft stuff to get to the TV. It is a little tight but I get to keep my sewing machines out now. I am teaching The Princess to sew and this means she will be able to use them when ever she wants.

I am too tired now to even go in there to use my room, but it is all ready to go :-) Enjoy the photos.


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  1. Oh it's nice that you can be crafting and still watch over the children at the same time. Plus all that natural light and room to spread out looks wonderful. I hope you have a productively crafty New Year. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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