Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Busy, busy

Today was possibly my last day off until Christmas. So I spent part of it cleaning (YUK!) and the rest crafting at my house with a friend. I am still working on Christmas presents and have a few in various stages of completion and another two completed today.

Today's projects were sewing!! I made two pillow mattresses that I found on pinterest. I didn't really follow the pattern as at it's simplest it is just a long tube divided into four. I will link to the original post when I am back on my computer (I am typing this from my phone). Below are two photos. One is a completed pillow mattress stuffed with pillows. You fold the top section under to make a raised pillow. The other photo is the one I made for The Princess. When we were fabric shopping she kept asking me if I could make her one too. I told her she was too big. And she is, so I made hers an extra pillow longer. By the time she got home from school I had all traces of sewing packed away!

I hope you Christmas preparations are flowing smoothly,

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  1. What a clever mummy you are..with the invitation too!
    Alison xx


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