Thursday, 23 June 2011

It's the Little Blessings

When the rapids of life are getting rough, sometimes the best thing you can do is look for the Little Blessings each day.  When you make a conscience decision to actually look for them, you might just find yourself amazed at how many little blessings make up each day.  Although the rest of your life may be a little turbulent, these blessings might just be enough to help you make it through.

Today I tried to find my Little Blessings ...
  1. A friend unexpectedly stopping in to see me at work for a cuppa.
  2. The gift of a perforating cutting blade so that I can finish the wedding invites I am working on.
  3. A single fragrant red rose on my Grandmother's rose bush.
  4. Sitting in the warm winter sun enjoying a conversation with my Grandfather even if he didn't remember who I was.
  5. Coming home to find that the LOML really enjoyed his day off.
  6. The Princess's excitement over picking a lemon from a tree only moments after being disappointed that there weren't any mushrooms under the tree.
  7. The Thinker going to fill up his water bottle at the drink fountain so I could have a drink without missing The Extroverts brief stint on the pitch.
  8. Trying to show The Extrovert how to make baking powder biscuits and watching him get flour everywhere. (He even cleaned it all up afterwards!)
 I really am blessed to have these people in my life.  I fell asleep last night before getting a chance to post this for day three of my class but I found joy in writing this list, so I had to share it anyway.  Maybe you should try it too.


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