Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Blogging for Scrapbookers Day 2

I am amazed ... day two and I am posting again :-)  It feels like writing in a diary that everyone can read and not  one hidden under the mattress.  I tried writing a diary many times as a kid, but I was easily bored because there wasn't any interaction.  A successful blog on the other hand has lots of interaction, so it is really like a diary for the world to read.

After moving around the world in the past two years I am very behind with my family's scrapbooking.  I have promised the kids that I will complete our Florida album from 2008!  Most of these photos will feature prominently here over the next few months at least.  I am very happy that I wrote about the photos at the time or all of the feelings and excitement of the trip might have been partially lost.  Shimelle makes an interesting point in today's class prompt with the idea that a blog is really like the journaling that we write on our pages.  Even if it is months (or years!) later that we actually scrap the photos, we will still have our feelings from the day already written down for posterity on our blogs.  What an amazing thought!

As today is my day off I actually had the time to 'play' and I made a page to go with my journaling.  I feel inspired already!

While in Florida in 2008 we had the opportunity to feed stingrays at Discovery Cove.  They are amazing creatures with soft, slightly slimey skin and the coolest vacuum mouths.  The Extrovert was facinated by them and kept going back for more bait to feed to them.  While The Princess may be smiling in the photos, that is just an illusion.  She was terrified!

Used Crate Paper 'Blue Hill Collection'

I am trying to use papers from my stash as often as possible and mix them with my newer purchases.  I purchased these papers just before packing up my stash to move around the world.  They then went into storage for almost a year, so it is time to brush the dust off them and start cutting them up!  I sprayed a white Prima flower with Creative Imaginations 'Radiant Rain Teal Zircon' and spilled it all over my hands in the process.  If anyone ever said crafters were neat, they hadn't met ME!

 I could not find a Bazzill colour in my stash that worked for the photo mount so I was originally going with a pale orange.  But when it wasn't working I spied my Tim Holtz 'Distress Crackle Paints'.  It was perfect!  I used Old Paper and then painted on more of the Radiant Rain spray and it was perfect.

The rest of my story is nicely tucked away under the photo for another day, once The Princess has grown up. (It may make an appearance at her 21st birthday!)

This was the first layout that I have completed all on my own in quite a while.  I didn't work from a sketch or find inspiration on anyone's blog.  It took almost all day but I enjoyed every moment of the journey.  It may be a little rough around the edges, but the kids absolutely loved it and that was enough to warm my heart.

I wonder what tomorrow's prompt will bring?



  1. I found your blog through Shimelle's Mr Linky and I've enjoyed reading your posts. I especially like the beads under the word lagoon on your LO... Very pretty. I'll be back to read some more posts :)
    Mandy McK

  2. Thank you Mandy, you have made my day!


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