Sunday, 17 June 2012

Shimelle's Starting Point

I haven't blogged a great deal this year as my computer was very old (bought in 2005) and it was nearing the end of its life.  I had asked it to do far more than it was ever meant to and the old girl never let me down, but she was finally starting to show her age.  The keys were starting to come off, she was very slow and there were times when she just refused to turn on.  As I NEED my computer for work I have had to baby her for the past year and more recently she stayed on my desk at work for when I needed her the most.  As writing on this blog doesn't earn me a living :-) I had to resort to using my trusty iPhone.  I only made an exception for the first Sunday of each month for Storytelling Sunday.

I am typing this from my very beautiful and shiny new (to me!) computer!!!!  This one most certainly trumps the dinosaur I had before.  She is fast, has a crystal clear display and she is now all customised to my way of working :-)  Who would have thought that 512Mb of RAM would be considered so small in only a few years time.  I can now switch between multiple windows without tapping my fingers waiting for it to catch up!  If I seem a little excited here, you should see me in person LOL

So on to some crafting news ...  This week I took Shimelle up on her starting point.  Work has been chaotic and there are times when it is nice to not have to think to get a project started when you have a spare hour or two in the evening.  I love her starting points.  This week it looked like this ...

I printed some photos taken this year when I started Shimelle's class 'Cover to Cover' but I have yet to get beyond the second lesson (that is another story for later).  I used the photos I took of The Princess and her first sewing lesson.  I love the way my daughter has so many ways to smile.  Some remind me of her younger years and some are starting to creep in now as she gets older.  So I decided to use all the photos!  The papers are from My Little Shoe Box and it kind of came together very quickly.

It really suits her personality and as The Princess loves these papers and all things PINK I am happy with it.  I used a piece of Bazzill In-stitch cardstock to stitch the flower.  The holes were already in it and all I had to do was sew it.  A great idea for the tired scrapper :-) and I have had it sitting in my stash since it was released.

There were two more photos from this day so a few nights later I made a complimentary layout using some My Little Shoe Box scraps.  The background is leftover strips that I had from three different papers and I stuck them together to be 12in tall.  Her first sewing project was a nappy (diaper) for her doll Bell.  The pattern we found online ended up being too small and so it was given to Princess.  It now has the velcro sewn in and Princess wears it proudly every day.

I have other projects to start sharing and when the weather picks up I shall photograph them and try to get this blog rolling along.  Happy Sunday everyone :-)



  1. A lovely page(I'm just about to post about the same Starting Point!) ....I love that your daughter has her own Sewing Box. Glad the new computer's working out for you!
    Alison xx

  2. Two great pages. And the one may have been Shimelle's starting point - but you get all the credit for how it turned out. I use Bazzill stitching templates, but I didn't know they actually had pre-punched papers. How fun would that be. And I am glad that you have a "new" Mac, so you can blog more and more. Keep it up.


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