Saturday, 23 June 2012

Needle Book

My cousin has a birthday next week and I made her present the other night.  She likes to craft but she does lots of different crafts so in the end I decided to make her a needle book.  I recently bought myself a retro sewing book and it has some great easy projects in it.  I mostly bought the book for the interesting info in it but I thought the sewing projects were easy enough for The Princess and I to do together.  I got the idea for this needle book from there.  The inside has two pockets on the left and two flaps of wool felt on the right for all sorts of needles.  It only took me an hour to make but I really like it.  I think The Princess and I shall adapt the pattern again and make ourselves one each.  I have seen a picture of one with different pages for different types of needles and that is the one I would like to make myself.  I seem to always be looking for a needle when stitching on my pages and this would help to keep them all in one place!

This makes a great inexpensive gift for a crafty friend and it really is just two rectangles sewn together.  It probably only cost me about $3 to make.  The wool felt was the most expensive part!


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