Monday, 18 June 2012

An Interesting Challenge

I follow some very lovely blogs and after an interesting discussion HERE I have linked a list of my absolute favourite on the right (I realised that I follow 108 blogs!  But some of these are for work).  I only started this blog for me to waffle and at the same time to try and get an understanding of the mechanics behind operating a blog for work.  So until I read the discussion I really hadn't given much thought to following blogs publicly or having a list on my own.  The jury is still out on the public following part as that could cause some home/work conflicts for me so for now I am going to run with this compromise.  To begin with I was following blogs via the follow button and I was getting too many emails.  I have since thought that perhaps I also signed up to emails ... not sure but it seems the logical conclusion to the discussion.  So if you are in need of inspiration and you are reading this ... go check out some of these blogs -------------------------------------->

You may now be wondering what all this has to do with a challenge?  Well ... since joining blogland I have met (digitally of course) a lovely lady who just so happens to live in Spain and blogs from HERE.  I love the conversational tone of her blog and how she is so down to earth.  I also enjoy seeing the challenges that Alison uncovers.  And recently there was one that grabbed my attention.  It was a challenge set by Scrap Friendzy for a summer camp they are having.  At the time I was only reading blogs via my iPhone and I couldn't access the original challenge as it was on a forum, so I ran with what Alison had posted.  The challenge was to scrap inspired by a s'more!!!  Now I LOVE s'mores and we can't get Graham Crackers over here unless we spend $12 on a box (outrageous!!!) and so I was inspired (and hungry after thinking about s'mores)!!!

To make S'mores you will need:
Graham Crackers (texture) ... twine, fabric, pearls and doily (I would also include the stamping as texture)
Chocolate (2 shades of brown) ... hessian paper and pale brown fabric strip
Marshmallows (something white, and something round) * can be 2 different items ... white doily and while polka dot paper
and last but not least something to toast them on! (something to stick your marshmallows on and toast) ... I failed with this one as I couldn't find anything that suited!

I scrapped an older photo of myself in Indonesia using the Simple Stories Summer Fresh range (I love this one!).  I had lots of fun with this challenge even if I didn't really follow it.  But it got me thinking and crafting and that is a great combination :-)  I didn't journal like I normally do as there are still a pile of photos of this one day and there is really only so much to say.

I am very happy with the way this layout turned out.  Thank you Alison for sharing with us the challenges you find.  Her layout features 6 photos and is lovely.  Alison also managed to find something for each part of her s'mores, unlike my stick-less untoasted marshmallow!



  1. That's a great page - I love S'mores, but we can't get Graham Crackers here. I'm thinking I might improvise with digestive biscuits?

    Your blog roll has given me some great iphone blog recommendations. Thank you!

  2. Great take on the challenge...and thanks so much for the shout-out! Funnily enough I just added a blog roll to my blog last night...after reading Sian's post too! Great minds think alike!!
    Alison xx


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