Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pen License

This week The Princess got her 'Pen License'.  And boy is she excited!!!!!!  At her school, before they are allowed to start writing with a pen they have to apply for a pen license.  To do this they must write three A4 pages of text copied from a novel in cursive using a pencil.  Once it is ready to hand in they attach a 'Pen License Application' and answer questions about why they think they are ready for using a pen.  If both year teachers think it is neat and tidy they are presented with their very own personalised, laminated 'Pen License'!  The Princess has spent a term and a half writing out those pages :-) and so you can probably understand her excitement LOL

The picture was taken on my iPhone using 'Perfect Image'.  I got this app and many other fun photo apps for free from the iPhonography blog featured in my fav blogs on the right.  If you have an iPhone and like to take photos it is a blog I would recommend.  They are great about featuring camera app specials, so I have lots of fun apps that the kids and I play with and they haven't cost me a cent.  Many of the app companies put their apps on sale around US holidays and as there is one coming up soon now would be a great time to check out their blog.  They usually list them all in a post or two when they get discounted, but most of the special prices are only for a limited time so you have to be quick. (P.S. I haven't been paid to say any of that LOL)


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  1. I really love the 'pen licence' idea! Well done 'the Princess'
    Alison xx


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