Monday, 16 April 2012

A Spoon Full Of Sugar ...

I haven't done anywhere near the amount of challenges yet over at Shimelle's that I had wanted to but I will just keep doing them as time permits.  This weekend seemed to slip through my fingers and now that it is Monday afternoon I am so tired I could curl up at my desk and sleep!  (One of the advantages of being self employed is being able to blog at work).  A friend of mine was given tickets to the theatre performance of Mary Poppins for Christmas and she kindly asked me to go with her.  So on Sunday we went to the matinee performance and it was wonderful.  I grew up on the Disney movie Mary Poppins and I in turn have shared it with my kids.  I know every song and at one time I even knew almost every word of the movie.  So imagine my surprise to find the stage musical differed to the movie!  Although it was adapted to the stage by Disney Theatrical in 2004 it contained more scenes than the movie, which I have sense learnt are from the books (which I haven't read).

Once I recovered from my surprise that there was a different song in the opening 20min I decided to forget all that I once knew and just enjoy the show.  And I am glad I did.  There is nothing like seeing a live performance and while the performers do amaze me, my favourite part is watching the stage and how they do all the changes.  I love the intricate sets which change with ease and this show was incredible!  Oh how I would love to build this sort of thing.  Thankfully the stage show didn't meddle with my favourite song or I think I might have cried.  And it probably isn't the song you are expecting :-)  I used to sing this one to my kids as a lullaby.  I have put it below for those of you poor unfortunate people who haven't had the pleasure of enjoying Mary Poppins.

Since I announced my big news about an era coming to an end things have been pretty full on here.  We have had some unexpected offers and are working through them all at the moment.  I don't yet know how I am feeling about some of them as they were never an option I had considered.  In general it has been very pleasant to get positive feedback from people but the rumor mill has started to whirl at full speed, and although some are so funny that my sides hurt from laughing, some are quite serious.  One even claims that The LOML is dieing!  Imagine my children's horror at hearing that one.  Thankfully we were able to catch it quite quickly and the kids new that it wasn't true.  (Thanks go to a quick thinking friend who let me know about it as soon as she heard it)  Not one of the nasty 'click' have even been in to spend their free vouchers, so I think they are either finally feeling bad about the trouble they caused, or they have moved on to someone else.  I hope for that unknown persons sake that they are just laying low.

I have a job interview tomorrow and I don't even know now if I will be available to even take the job as so much is up in the air.  But I am feeling good and getting through each day thankful that we are all healthy (LOL) and happy that their are options.  Thank you to you all for your kind comments.  Isn't it funny how our modern world works.  People have friends all over the world that they haven't even met! And you don't even have to be a nerdy person (although I am) with a pen-pal :-)


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  1. I truly hope things work out for certainly sounds as if things are moving! We saw Mary Poppins on Broadway, and I was quite surprised to find it slightly different too...but like you, loved it!
    Alison xx


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