Friday, 6 April 2012

Is this what a weekend feels like?

I'm not really sure as I haven't had a whole weekend off in years (except for Christmas). Since January when we decided to close the shop on Sundays we haven't really been able to enjoy them as there have been so many demands on our time. But today we haven't gone anywhere ... And it has been bliss! I love that Good Friday is a holiday here :-)

So this afternoon I scrapped!! I finished my half done page from the other day with the lacing AND I did two more. I am really, really loving the Simple Stories papers. So quick and easy to use. More photos of the boys as new cadets. These were all taken on the night they were issued with their kit. I called one page "Anatomy of a Cadet" as there may come a time when they don't remember the strange names their uniforms have. The Extrovert says it looks like he has been shot in the heart LOL

So it is back to work tomorrow and then two more days off as holidays. I won't know myself come Tuesday!!! I hope to be back Sunday with an Easter post so until then ...

Sorry about the long shadows but it is getting late :-)

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