Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A breath of fresh air ...

You may remember that in my last post I mentioned that we had our first rain in 32 days. It has been a loooooong, hot, dry summer. One of the worst on record. Most of you are relishing the move into warmer weather while we are looking forward to cool evenings and some RAIN!

After all that rain the kids and I decided to try our luck mushroom hunting down at the river. They usually come up first thing in the morning and this was on our way home from work. Our chances of finding any were slim at best but the smell of fresh rain was too enticing. Even The Extrovert who doesn't eat mushrooms wanted to get in on the action!

The Thinker lent us a bag (I think he thought it was a lost cause) and The LOML dropped the three of us off near the river. I can't believe how dried up it really was if you looked closely! Even the pond was empty. The Princess, The Extrovert and I hunted and hunted for fresh mushrooms but we were beaten to them. All we found were stalks and only a few at that. Once the weather is cooler and the rain a bit more regular we will hit the bush in the morning and fill a basket with field mushrooms. YUM!

Although I am happy in the city or the country, I am happiest when I have access to open spaces. We are living in suburbia but thankfully the river is two blocks from the house. This is part of the bush we searched in. There was evidence of some minor flash flooding as parched earth tends to repel water. You can also see The Princess stopping for a quick swing as we walked up the hill to our home.

I will have some news to share later this week, but I am currently on a high :-) Let's see how tomorrow pans out as the news was only 'released' tonight.



  1. Looking forward to hearing your news! Ilike the look of where you live!
    Alison xx

  2. It looks beautiful where you live. So different to here where the weather has decided to go back to cold!


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