Friday, 25 January 2013

My new craft digs ...

Back in December we moved house and have bought a big house with my mom & her husband.  The plan is to renovate and give them a 'granny flat' (or apartment as they are calling it) and the rest of the house is ours.  The plans for how to do this have changed about as many times as you could possibly imagine and so I am only just now finalising my craft room.  The room is the size of a nice single bedroom with a built in double sliding door closet.  The previous owner sewed and so the closet was fitted out with lots of shelves.

I started by sharing this room with my mom, then she moved her stuff and I had room for two tables (one for sewing), but then the kids lost their gaming spot and so we re-organised once again and now I have one table and they have two chairs :-)  I like to face the door so this is my craft space facing the closet and the doorway ...

This is the wall as you enter on the right, you can just see the desk on the left.  My machines were spread out on the chest but now half has a TV and a game station.  The bonus is I now have the TV back in my craft room :-)

Here is half of the closet ... It is kinda full and needs a serious de-clutter!  This is the first time in about 6 years that all of it has been unpacked so it is definitely time for a serious sort out ... now to just find the time ...

I started a new job on the 3rd of January.  I sell houses for a local builder.  After having lived in a few different countries I know that building and buying houses differs greatly from place to place so here is a brief run down of the way it works here if you are buying a new house.

Land Agents/Developers divide up land into blocks for people to buy.  They put in the roads and main connections to each block.  The buyer comes along and chooses their block and purchases it.  Now you have to find a house to build on it.  Most new land estates have 'display homes' on them (a collection of a few homes is called a 'display village').  These are sample houses designed by different builders.  Here is the one I am based in ...

The display is open at certain times but I can actually sell people any home that my company builds (not all are made into display homes).  Once you have chosen your home you can take the plans and re-draw parts and then you enter into a contract to have it built.  You choose all your fittings, colours, and bits and the house is built as you want it.  There are LOTS of builders to choose from.  The largest display village at the moment has over 30 builders in it.  These display houses are eventually sold as house plans change and are kept fresh and new.

So I talk with clients, help them change their house plans to suit their needs and wants, and then I get them to sign on the dotted line.  I am really enjoying it!  Here is the link to the details of the house pictured above if you are interested.  It is very rare for two houses to look alike as people choose different bricks, paint, tiles, paving, and elevations.  Even if two were built side by side you probably wouldn't notice.

So if I am not crafting I am re-designing houses ... sorta the same thing ... kinda ... maybe :D



  1. I followed the link because I am always interested in houses, but it didn't seem to be working for me. It was very interesting to read about your system, especially as the housing market here has ground to a halt

    1. Thankfully while our market is slow it is no where near as bad as the UK & Ireland. Our house in Ireland is still for sale four years later :-(
      I don't know why the link didn't work as I checked it ... maybe it only like Aussie IP addresses LOL

  2. Like your new space...and the new job sounds interesting!
    Alison xx

  3. Your craft room looks great (how long will it stay that tidy?!)
    So glad you enjoy your job.

  4. It's so fun to catch up with you here (I'm glad we're friends on Facebook now, though!) I love your new craft many goodies, and the space is organized really well. :) I'm glad you found a job you really enjoy, that's hard sometimes....and a true blessing when you find one! It looks like life is headed in a great new direction for you, and I can't wait to follow where you go! <3

  5. Just catching up a little - your new house sounds great - hope you are all settling in nicely and getting organised. Envious of your craftroom too - lucky lady! Best of luck with the job - it sounds interesting and every day will be different!

  6. Oh and the link works fine for me ;-)


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