Friday, 18 January 2013

Golden Books Baby Shower Part 2

The date for the baby shower fell smack bang in the middle of a HUGE busy period for all three of us so we were very happy that we had divided the work.  After making the invites I still had the decorations to do.  Looking at Pinterest gave us some ideas HERE, HERE and HERE.

I made little signs for the food, themed around a Golden Book.

The Cook made these DELICIOUS red velvet cupcakes! I made the wrappers and The Princess helped me make the toppers.

We collected up all the Golden Books that we could get our hands and and The LOML spent an afternoon scanning and printing covers and pages for me.  The Princess helped me turn the covers into bunting that we strung around the room.  This now decorates the nursery.

Here we are ... me, The Cook, The Gamer.

I made a table runner with scans of pages from inside the books.  All the food was home-made.  The Gamer made a warm spinach and cheese dip in a cob loaf.  It was very nice.

I also made the punch.  The VERY cute little jars were originally baby food jars that now contained pregnancy friendly chocolate mousse  The Gamer helped The Cook by following her recipe and mixing them up and pouring them into the jars she had already decorated.

The paper pages look like they are scattered down the center of the table but they were actually stuck together and hung over the end of the table.  It looked like the pages were falling off the table.

The parents to be were very surprised!  We asked them to leave while we set up and they didn't know anything about the theme.  Here they are looking at the invite for the first time.

The Gamer organised games for everyone.  They were a big hit as most hadn't been to a shower before.  This one was the worst one but lots of laughs.  The bowls contained baby food.  We had to taste them and try and write down what was in it.  YUK!!!!!  I don't know how babies eat it and this was premium food!

We had a 'spit the dummy (pacifier)' game.  Here is The Princess laughing too hard to put it in her mouth and 'spit' it out!  I am a little ashamed to say that I won this one ... by quite a bit ... it is amazing how far one of those things can fly!

We also had a game to guess the girth of the bump by cutting string to our 'guess length'.  Mine was exactly the same length!  I measured around my middle and added a few inches ... boy did I feel terrible!  I need to keep on my weight loss journey!!  I had to stop winning games as I was an organiser, but I didn't even know what the games were until we did them.

It was so much fun organising a party with a theme.  It certainly makes the decorations easier to do as you can just go CRAZY with the theme and when you are short on time it makes you stay focused.  I just wish we had managed to take better photos.



  1. The photos are fine...and the party looks like a great hit!
    Alison xx

  2. Wow, you went all out on the decorations. That bunting is brilliant, no wonder it is in the nursery now!

  3. This is a fabulous shower......the pictures are wonderful! (And I'm excited to see you there...I'm waving hello! Hee). You are enormously clever, and if I ever need to help with a baby shower one day......I'm thieving your idea for certain (but asking first) haha! :D


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