Monday, 21 January 2013

Golden Books Gifts

After all the work it took to get ready for the party I realised the day before that I hadn't made my present yet!  I was planning on making a nappy (diaper) cake and The Princess helped me make more 'toppers' and we quickly put this cake together ...

It looked the part and is always a very useful present!

When the baby was born she was a girl!  But I still wanted to make something in the same Golden Books theme and so I made a growth chart to hang on the wall.  It is a piece of pine and is designed to be hung about 20cm above the ground.  That means that she can grow to about 6'4" before she would reach the top!  I don't think she will get that tall, but any future brothers might :-)  Here is a very bad full length photo ...

The center strip is light aqua card and then I used the same golden book paper that we used on the decorations to cover the sides all the way around.  I then added washi tape to form a border.  I added pictures from Golden Books to the edges for decoration and a few flowers finished it off.  The yellow and red makes it feel quite boyish so I added some purple in the flowers.

I marked every 1/2 meter and every foot (after taking into account the gap at the bottom) and then sealed the whole thing with Ranger Glue and Seal.  Add a sparkling title and it sort of looks boy or girl.  I haven't been able to give it to them yet but I really hope they like it :-)

This is the second growth chart that I made before Christmas.  I also made my mom one using Graphic 45 'Little Darlings'.  When mom sold her first house she took all our height marks that were on the wall and transferred them on to paper. There they have stayed for about 17 years!  So I made her a wooden one that can move from house to house and she has already started putting all the heights on it.  On Christmas day she made us all add a new marking (I have SHRUNK!) and we spent ages discussing how each of the grandkids compared to their parents at the same age.  It was a fab present and after making hers I decided to whip up this golden book one for the new arrival.

And that is the last Golden Books post.  Feel free to let me know if there is anything you want more information on if you find yourself hosting a Golden Books themed party!



  1. Having spent a riotous half an hour measuring everybody here on Friday night (you are the only one who is shrinking..) can I say how much I love this height chart? I wish I had one now with the childrens heights marked on over the years. It's a perfect present.

  2. What a great theme you chose..and that's a fab height chart!
    Alison xx


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