Sunday, 18 November 2012

Packing, packing, and more packing!

As the title says we have been packing! We only ever half unpacked when we moved into this house as we were only supposed to be here for 6 -12 months. But after two and a half years in the 'temporary home' we are finally moving into a permanent home and we will be unpacking EVERYTHING!

But even if we had only unpacked half it seems that our stuff also grew and the garage was piled with half filled boxes and opened boxes that had a few bits from the top removed and all sorts of junk! But we seem to be on top of it now and have mostly finished packing except for the kitchen and our clothes. We move out of here and into our new home in about a week and a half but we get the keys on Wednesday!

Well, I had best be off as we have painting and cleaning to plan!!!! I'll leave you with pictures of our boxes (or some of them!) along with The Beagle. He was most put out at having to spend the day outside while we packed as he kept trying to get into everything. When he wasn't napping, he was laying at the screen door watching with sad eyes.


P.S. thanks for the Christmas pudding recipes.

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