Monday, 5 November 2012


Hi everyone, its been a long time.  Days turn into weeks and before you know it weeks have become months.  I haven't even had a chance to read any blogs during my absence.  I had over 2,000 posts in my reader LOL  It is a good thing that I have them sorted into groups :-)  "Mark all as read" has become my friend and tonight I whittled that down to 43 must read posts from those blogs that interest me the most.

So what has kept me away?  To begin with it was a bit of the blues, but then other things started taking up my time.  We move house in a few weeks and I NEED to start packing.  This will hopefully be the last move for awhile and I am looking forward to unpacking all of the still packed boxes in the garage and calling a house "our home".  I have three job interviews this week which will make things on this end heaps busier but also better.

I have found a few snippets of spare time and have created some stuff which I will start to share on here in the coming weeks.  I will be packing up my craft room on Wednesday in preparation for moving.  I need to use the room as a 'full box' storage room so it will be the first stuff to be packed.  Yesterday we drew out scale drawings of the kids rooms and our bedroom (that will also be part craft room) so that we could see what furniture will fit where.  We have promised the kids that we will paint their rooms before we move in.  The Thinker wanted BLACK!  He has settled for one wall of large black and white stripes for Newcastle United.  I couldn't imagine living in a completely black room!  In the new year he wants me to paint the crest on his wall if he still has space after hanging up his pictures.  The Extrovert is planning on red accents of some sort for Liverpool.  We are still working on his walls.  I suggested  something graphic, but we will see what happens.  He doesn't want white so we are thinking  light grey walls and then red somehow.  The Princess wants pink (surprise, surprise!) and then she wants to paint flowers on the spare wall space herself.

I missed October's Storytelling Sunday but I hope to have something this week for November.  I will do my best but make no promises.  I am heading off to try and read some of your blog posts and will be back.  I have missed being here but I also enjoyed the break.



  1. It's brilliant to see you back! All the very best with the move - maybe a change will be a good thing? I certainly hope so..

    ..and if you have a story to spare, we'd be delighted to have it :)

  2. Moving house is always hectic and nerve wracking - hope it goes as smoothly as possible. My next sister down once had a purple room and my brother a black... I bought him inflatable bats and a skeleton but he wasn't amused ;)

  3. Good luck with the move Christine!
    Alison xx


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