Saturday, 1 September 2012

LSNED 2012

I joined Shimelle for LSNED a few years ago and have yet to complete a year.  Some would say I should take that as a sign and just give up, but I am not a quitter.  Maybe this year is my year?!?!?!?  I already know that a mini album won't work, nor will 12x12's.  So I was stumped as to how I might even give myself an option of completing it until I went here.  Sian is using a photo app and that started my brain ticking over ... I have LOTS of camera/photo apps and I LOVE playing with them!  They are my portable stress-ball.  So why not use one or ten of them???

So I will be attempting to join in to LSNED this year and I will reserve the right to play with lots of photo apps to record my lessons.  First up I will play with Kabaam, a fun comic book app.  My friends and I have used this app for a fun trick or two and it is great for a laugh.  I might even use it all month long and add one box for each day ... but I am not promising anything :-)

Today was not a great day ... it was a Bridezilla day!!!!! A majority of brides are lovely creatures, but some have been bitten by the Bridezilla bug and those need to be avoided at all cost.  Today I learnt that you can not reason with a Bridezilla, you can't dangle sparkly bling in front of them to placate them.  You just need to walk away with a smile and not let their nasty comments hurt your feelings.

I had over eight brides today to assist with invitations.  Three of them were death incarnate.  At the end of the day I sat on the couch in the shop and cried.  I cried for my hurt feelings and I cried for their marriages.  It will take a miracle for their relationships with their future husbands to live up to the unrealistic expectations they have.  If they think that they can still get 10 year old papers, or $30 invitations for $10 then they are setting themselves up for disappointment just with the invitations alone.  You should have seen some of the HUGE files these brides carried.  They want diamonds for the price of glass and their poor fiancés (and myself) cop the brunt of their disappointment.

Tomorrow is Storytelling Sunday and Father's Day (in the Land Down Under).  It will be a much better day :-)


P.S.  I should say that I don't usually make $30 invitations, but there are some brides who want soooooooo much that they have quotes for invitations for $30 EACH!!! I can't imagine spending that much on an invite that will probably go in the bin/trash!!!!!


  1. Gosh, I do hope tomorrow is a better day! Looking fowrad to seeing the fun you have with your apps in September

  2. That sounds like a really stressful day..hope you had a relaxing night!
    Alison xx

  3. I was so sad to think of you sitting and crying at the end of a rough day ((hugs)). I love the idea of what you're doing for LSNED, such a cool way to do the class. I never finished the class when I took it 2 years ago but will be keen to see how you go on because it looks great.

  4. Sorry you had such a bummer day. Hopefully by now all is well and you are learning something new and fun every day. I've always been tempted to start that class - but the fact that you can repeat it each year scares me off. Too much commitment, I suppose.

  5. OMigosh, it sounds like this day was definitely the pits. :( People have such crazy expectations, I'm so sorry.
    I have attempted LSNED for the past few years, and failed. I only made it through the first year. It makes me sad that I won't make the commitment to doing it,'s gotten crazy lately. <3 I hope you are well. I'm so sorry to have been so absent. I just now have a day to catch up with my favorite blogging friends...and you are at the top of my list. <3


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