Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Height of Summer

I enjoy reading Julie's blog over at Notes on Paper and this August she is running a series called The Height of Summer Winter :-)  Have you ever corresponded with someone and then finally met them and you were surprised by their height?  I remember going to Madame Tassauds and standing next to the wax figure of John Wayne and being absolutely SHOCKED at his size!!!  I also didn't realise just how petite Kylie Minogue is.  Size is hard to picture at times and as bloggers we sit behind our computers/iPads/Smart phones and never really consider each of our heights.

As taking a photo with my family would just be too easy (and besides only The Princess is still smaller than me) and I really wanted to think of something different.  So I came up with this ... I just hope it works!  

I am just a smidge taller than 120 distress inks stacked one on top of the other :-)  So how tall does that make me?  (It turned out smaller than I had hoped. The sign says 10 = 14cm = 5.5")


P.S. I used the stop animation app Stop Animator by Samuel Adams.  It was free and super easy to use.


  1. My husband says I'm about Kylie sized..not sure how he knows this..

    A really clever way of describing your height!

  2. Thanks for joining in ... and in such a fun way! I love it.

    I bet there are people out there with that many Distress Inks too!

    I couldn't pin your fab video - just wouldn't work for me - but I have linked you up anyway, as best I could:

    Thanks again - it's a great idea!

    Julie :-)

  3. Me and Kylie have so much in common ... height and shoe size rather than what we look like in gold hot pants! Great way to show your height, I'd need considerably less Distress Ink :-(

  4. Very creative Christine..and i would be very happy to have those extra two inches!
    Alison xx


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