Thursday, 23 May 2013

Happy Birthday Princess

Today our beautiful Princess turned 12.  It's hard to imagine that twelve years have passed, where has the time gone!  In recognition of the digital age we now live in, we received her Birthday List via email.
My birthday list
1. The ultimate decorating set
2. Match Attax 2013
3. Craft stuff
4. Books ( Fairy books, I don't have-1, 9, 13-20, 23-29, 31-50, 57-58, 60-61, 63-65, 68-79, 81, 83-87, 89-93, 95, 98, 101, 103)
5. Panting stuff
6. Playstation games
7. Playstation romot (PINK or blue)
8. CD
9. DVD (the rise of the gardens and Scooby Doo)
10. Headphones (the ones from the smiggle shop it needs to be PINK)
11. Shoes
12. Cooking stuff


Cake- I am going to make it and decorate it too
In our family the birthday person gets to choose whatever they want (within reason!) for breakfast and dinner.  They also get to choose the type of cake/dessert they want.  Pancakes and waffles are the most popular breakfast choices with dinner usually being something more unusual.  The Princess' favourite dinner is Tuna Casserole and as we only have it on a rare occasion she has started requesting it every year.

I took the day off today and decided to make her a special layout for her own album all about her birth.  I haven't scrapped any of the kids early years yet and I thought she would appreciate it and it was a good way to kick start my crafting again after the shop closing.  I used an old favourite paper of mine that I now wished I had bought more of!  It was the 'Katlin Collection' by Crate Paper.  Add in a few newer pieces like the overlay and the glassine envelope and you would never know the paper was old.

The tag has writing on both sides and tells the following story ...  "Early in the morning on Wednesday the 23rd of May you decided that this was the day you were going to be born!  Grandma and Pops came and collected the boys while we waited for the contractions to get closer.  The Doctor had said to leave for the hospital when the contractions were 15 minutes apart.  As I was walking in circles around the backyard, your Dad decided to cut the grass while he waited.  He walked up and down with the lawn mover, I walked around and around.  Neither of us were really paying much attention to the time.  Thankfully the mower ran out of fuel or this story would have a very different ending!!!  That was when Dad decided to time the contractions, they were only 5 minutes apart!!!  We quickly got in the car and drove to the hospital.  Dad dropped me at the door while he parked the car.  The receptionist wanted me to wait for an orderly to come with a wheelchair.  I told her that I didn't have time and to let the ward know I was on my way up.  I got into the labour room and Dad arrived just as I was getting changed.  I hopped up on the bed and you decided you weren't waiting any longer!  5 minutes later and you had arrived!!!!"

The Princess chose to make carrot cake for her birthday and she wanted to bake it and decorate it herself when she came home from school.  We bought her a cake decorating kit for her birthday (number one on her list) and she can't wait to use it on her next cake.  I think there will be a few cakes and cupcakes in our future :-)

I couldn't resist this flannel sheet set and had to get it for her birthday.  Her pre-teen genes are kicking in and she has started to sleep in on the weekend.  She saw the funny side and as you can see they are already on her bed along with the soft, fluffy pink pillow from The Thinker.  We also bought her some more painting supplies (number 5 on the list).  She loved the canvas brush roll and the new brushes.

We have had a very special day.  Happy Birthday Princess!

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  1. What a fabulous glad to hear your Princess had such a lovely day...and had to laugh at the story of her entrance into the world! Congrats to your boys too...a great week all round!
    Alison xx


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