Thursday, 4 April 2013

Counterfeit Kit March - 2

Well March is now over and I do have few layouts to share that I made with my March Counterfeit Kit.  I still have a pile of stuff to use so this will also become my April kit, but as the most important thing is to USE my stash, that is all ok with me!  Still scrapping photos from that same vacation/holiday way back in 2000.  And if you don't know what a 'Counterfeit Kit' is, click on the link ----------->

I love this first layout and was so glad that I added in some teal and red to my Feb kit when I created my new March kit.  I even used more of my pre-cut Cricut cuts and these photos were the reason I welded letters together to spell 'squished!' LOL  We owned a very little Holden Barina and when we went camping (even to stay in a chalet) the car was packed to the brim with baby stuff, food, and other essentials.

This next layout was based on a sketch by Shimelle and came together quickly while I spent an evening crafting with friends.  I love that my Counterfeit kit enables me to travel for crafting and only take the one container that it fits in along with my tool tote ... allows for quickly grabbing my stuff and running out the door! (not a great photo ... sorry)

While I was making the next layout a HUGE part of the story returned to my mind that I had totally forgotten about.  I hadn't left enough room in the journalling block and so I think I will make a second page for it and fill it only with journalling.  I actually think that Glitter Girl's video this week is on this exact subject so that will fit in very nicely.

We were actually delayed a day in leaving for this vacation as we were both summonsed to court as witnesses for an incident that occurred BEFORE The Extrovert was even born.  We now had two children and this was only just coming to trial!  That is one very slow legal system!  There are more Cricut cuts on this one and I also used the stamp set from my original kit (LOVE that stamped lace).

This last double layout was a quick one to use up scraps and knock-off five photos quickly.  Normally when I have lots of photos I often insert a divided page protector and slot them in with some decorated paper scraps.  I thought that I would try something different as I only had five photos of this particular part of the deer park.  It is a bit plain for my liking so I will probably go back once I have finished all of the photos and use up some more scraps to finish it off.  I just didn't want to cut into any more whole papers yet as I am only about half way.

Well that wasn't too bad an effort for my very busy March!  I hope you had a fabulous Easter :-)


  1. GREAT pages! Way to use your kit! I think my favorite one of these is the two pager. It always stresses me out to make them, but I love the look of yours! I'll have to remember it! Very fun photos - I can identify with stuffing the car with supplies for camping trips :)

  2. I like your thinking - no rules in counterfeiting (and no point in making another kit to half-use unless you are bored with the current one). LOL @ the squishy photos - small kids need SO much "stuff" don't they.

    Lots of lovely detailing on three of your pages which does make that 2-pager look a little empty in comparison, but once it's in an album on its own pair of pages I doubt that will matter - a good plan to leave it open to a possible return visit once you have more scraps though.

  3. Lovely layouts ...well done for finding the time to get them done!
    Alison xx

  4. I think you had a very productive month of scrapping - great use of your kit. That Squished page is especially adorable. I find when you are not quite "finished" with a page, that it really pays to set it aside. It probably won't be long before you are working on something else, and the perfect additions will come to mind. At least that has been my experience.

  5. Great idea to keep using your march kit! I may do that on my own since I now have 4 counterfeit kits with bits and pieces....I am going to a crop at the end of the month and that will be a great way not to take too many supplies!!

  6. No expiration dates on kits! Great job getting so much accomplished

  7. All excellent layouts! Love the stories behind them! I love how you pre-cut your Cricut images. I find that I use my Cricut much more if I do this with my Counterfeit Kits than if I say I'll just wing it. Great job!

  8. Fabulous layouts! I love the 'squished' one, as our car looks just like that when we go away from home!

    Love the little deers on the last page, it sounds like a good idea to put it aside until you have more bits to add - if you still want to! x

  9. Lovely layout! Love the shadow title on the second layout!

  10. Hello Chipper! My name is Lou and I have to send a parcel to you for the great big swap Sian is organising. I couldn't find a link to email so I hope this catched your attention!!! Could you plesae email me your address to Thanks!!!!


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