Sunday, 10 March 2013

Counterfeit Kit March

Over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge site the inspiration kit for March was the Noel Mignon's Soda Shoppe Kit.  It was a HUGE kit with very lovely colours and lots of yummy bits and pieces.

I still have LOADS left from my mega Feb kit, but it is starting to lack whole sheets of 12x12.  I am only 1/3rd of the way through my stack of photos that I am working on so I have decided to make an 'add on' kit inspired by Soda Shoppe to help me finish ALL of the photos from this vacation.
Here is what is left from my Feb kit ...

Feb kit left-overs

All of the patterned papers are now part sheets, and I am a patterned paper junkie!  So here is my 'add on' kit to bulk it out and help me finish.  I am sure no one will mind the slight cheat :-)  This time I am even going to name my kit (a first for me!) ... Down South (cause that is where the photos were taken LOL)

Down South

A while ago I joined a kit club (shock! horror!) with a friend.  It was a very popular club and it sounded great, especially as if we ordered together we got the international postage for free if we spent over the minimum.  We loved our first kit, we liked the second, we didn't really like any other kit for the rest of the subscription.  After awhile they all started to look the same, with the same brands (one of which is NOT a fav of mine), and not many embellishments/stickers.

I had used a few bits from the first two and made some layouts which I haven't had time to post, but after that they just piled up in their lovely brown bags.  Today I opened them all and sorted them out.  Papers in one pile, cardstock, stickers, buttons, embellishments, die cuts, and stamps in other piles.  I chose all of the pieces for Down South from these items.  Hmmmmm ... making a kit from kits .... 'Tis a bit ironic :-)

I was already using aqua, yellow and green in my kit but I loved the splash of red in the inspiration kit.  So I added more of the other colours and some red in slightly more muted shades.  I LOVE the camera washi tape and can't wait to use it.

This particular kit club that I subscribed to liked to add die-cuts in most of their kits.  This was a bit tiresome as they were mostly white based and were even added to kits that were cream based.  I have a pile of much of the same thing repeated so I have dug out a couple I might be able to make work and added them to this kit.

My favourite part of getting my kits were the stamps and alphas.  I have added a few sets that I haven't used yet but that might work with my theme.  I also added the stamp set with the frame to try and counterfeit some of the stickers in the inspiration kit.  I am also still keeping the tools and stamps that were in my Feb kit.  All in all this is quite a bit of stuff to use as it is one and a half kits rolled into one!

One last thing that I added was a sheet of card pre-stamped with sentiments that I might use.  I was crafting with friends and borrowed a set of Darkroom Door stamps to stamp out a page with the images that I loved.  I won't use all of them in this kit as many of these will be used for cards, but I will be trying to use a few bits, especially the words.

Hopefully I will get some crafting done this month, even if it is just half an hour!  Kits certainly help when time is short.



  1. Love the creative way you're using those kits! The camera washi is AWESOME! And, in answer to your question on my blog about creating faux enamel dots on a craft mat....there is a post up on the Counterfeit Kit blog about exactly that. With a video even :) Check it out if you have a chance!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about those kits - they do all start to look the same. I'm afraid that more than one successful kit club has fallen to the same trap of repeating the same paper lines (especially if the lines are all manufactured by the same company) or including the same things in the kits month after month. When I first starting buying kits, they all seemed to have so much more personality and uniqueness than they do now. But your idea to shop those kits for one of your own making is a great idea. I think your March add-on will work great with your February left-overs. And I applaud your stick-to-it-tive-ness to get those photos scrapped too!

  3. actually what you did is a fantastic idea! x 2! ( I still have almost my full Feb kit too) I have some kits that are in pieces so I'm gonna sort & use em to make a new kit for a crop I'm going to in April...great way to upcycle again!

  4. Bummer about your kit club being a dud! It's awesome though that you were able to break those kits apart and remake them into a kit you will be happy with! I really love the kit you created this month!!

  5. I don't think it's cheating at all to make an add-on kit to last month (in fact I think I did that myself one time last year!) After all, the inspiration kit is a starting point to create something that YOU are going to enjoy using, not to mindlessly copy it. Great job and I hope you enjoy your scrapping this month.

  6. Your kit looks great - not cheating at all! I love the colours in it, and I'm drooling over the camera washi tape and the wood veneer feathers! x

  7. Great kit and using all your leftovers, love it!

  8. Wonderful kit made from leftovers plus purchased kit.

  9. Just adored your approach to making your kit(s) work for you. Very clever crafter, you are!


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