Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Counterfeit Kit July 2012!

I was photographing a pile of layouts when at the bottom of the pile I came across the last layout I did for my July Counterfeit Kit.  I couldn't find a blog post about it so better late than never, here is the last layout I did with that kit.  After that there wasn't much patterned paper left!

The Thinker was terrified of the stingray pool at Discovery Cove and at first he wouldn't feed them.  But he overcame his fear and really enjoyed it.  I love watching my children try something new!  I used my Cricut to cut the title and the 'moments' bit at the top.  A few strips of washi tape makes a great journaling block.



  1. It's lovely when our children achieve something they thought they couldn't do......lovely layout!
    Alison xx

  2. Great memory & achievement to scrap, love the way you used washi tape for the journalling

  3. fun! what made me smile is that I often have kits around that long rather than a page I've made and not shared for a while. I'm often linking up layouts made just now from really old CKC kits! I still have my October kit waiting to be finished off. Nice layout and the orange give a perfect pop of colour

  4. I think my kids would be scared of being in the pool with the rays, we can't do that in any of the aquariums we're been too.

    lovely page

  5. Isn't Discovery Cove an amazing place. No.2 Son was equally cautious about the sting-rays and never quite relaxed with them, but we were proud of him for trying!


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