Thursday, 29 March 2012

Crafting with friends ...

I organised a bit of crafting fun with friends last Sunday and it was great to get together where I wasn't working and do some creating!  Although we met at the shop this was purely a 'friend' thing and we each brought some food to share.  The night before I was playing on Pinterest and I found a picture of the cutest easter chickies, so I made them!  I was going to make deviled eggs (modified for the Dukan diet) but these were nicer.  I would like to link to the original source except the 'pin' was a photo on Facebook, and although I have done a google images search using the original photo, I can't find the source.  But this isn't my idea and if anyone can find the source I will be happy to link to it.  Everything I found just referred back to the same photo or claimed the idea as their own even though they were posting it months later (naughty, naughty!).  They kind of remind me of soldiers with their round hats! LOL

Deviled Egg Chickies!!!

I know, I should have cut the olive pieces for the eyes smaller as they are slightly evil looking. :-)  But everyone loved them!  To make them Dukan friendly I just changed the mayo to low fat Greek yogurt and you couldn't even taste the difference.  I also found a recipe for Greek Eggplant Dip and I made Jamie Oliver's Tzatziki and a beef meatball recipe.  Everything in the photo below was Dukan friendly with the exception on the crackers.  As two of my friends have now joined me on my weight-loss journey it gave us all something to eat.  But I will admit that I broke my diet that day :-)  There has to be ONE bad day every now and again!  And as I have now lost over 15kg I can live with one afternoon of indulgence!

My food for our spread.
We had a wonderful afternoon chatting and crafting even if I only got one and a half pages done.  The first page I really like and was based on Shimelle's sketch this week.  If I ever get home in time to photograph it I will post it as I am so happy with it.

I hope you are having a wonderful March.  My April is looking harder but brighter and soon there will be some big changes to come.  But after the dust has settled I will hopefully have more time for crafting and blogging!  If I don't get a chance to post my page I will see you all Sunday for a new story for April ... hmmmmmm .... now to think of one!


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  1. Love your chickies..and WELL DONE! on the weight loss
    Alison xx


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